There is no game and patch made by the owner of this blog. All Patches and games links getting from other websites. specially i got that patches from OMGAYUSH.
I am not selling these patches i am just sharing these patches with there credit in all patches.
and if any post is missing with credit then plzz inform me via email.
if you don't want to share these patches on my blog. then contact me to remove these patches are i will linked it to your website directly.

All credit goes to these peoples for patches

I am earning money with this to getting the sponsors ads.
i made that blog just for Cricket Games for pc you can see the main title of my blog. i was just search download cricket games for pc. then i found the patches from many websites and blog. then i also share these patches with other peoples to improve there works to make there work popular.

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Rabita Ker lena bhai koi bhai masla ho to.



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