Brian Lara Cricket 99 SE-2008 For Xp

Brian Lara Cricket 99 SE-2008 For Xp
Brian Lara 99 second edition for windows xp


Brian Lara Cricket 99 !! Earlier it was only meant to be played on Windows 98 but fortunately by the game patches etc it can be NOW played on Windows XP and probably on Vista Platforms as well !! For all those people who missed this game badly I'm releasing this version with facilities like Team Editor (So that you can update to the latest teams, I have already done with the recent versions of India and Pakistan, and rest are left for you guys.
I hope that you have liked my re release of Brian Lara Cricket 99 with 2008 Updates. Please give your valuable comments here so that I can analyze the possible bugs and other such issues.
Some Changes Made as per current date Dec 29th, 2008

* New Team Kits Patch
* Installation Tutorial
* BLC Field Editor Patch
* BLC Team Editor Patch
* BLC Stroke Editor
* Complete Team Updates for India and Pakistan as per December 2008


You will always need to insert the virtual CD inserted to play the game. There is no "No-CD Crack" available so far. Use some Virtual CD mounting Software like Power ISO to install the game and play it in the future. 
How to Install And Play Brian Lara Cricket 99 on win xp

1. Install u_torrent to download game
2. after downloading install ultraiso (Download Here)
3. install ultraiso and mount iso file like this
 How to mount iso file
4. if you dont find virtual cd rom
5. then goto setting and set virtual cd-rom
6. install game
7. copy all files from crack folder and past them into game root directory


Brian Lara Cricket 99 SE-2008 For Xp

Brian Lara Cricket 99 SE-2008 For Xp

System Requirements:

P3 Pc
Ram: 256mb
win xp
ultra iso to burn or mount iso file

Download Links:

Download BL99 XP Torrent
Password: crickipoint.blogspot.com

Brian Lara Cricket 99 SE-2008 For Xp


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