India vs Pakistan Airtel Cup 2012-13 Patch

India vs Pakistan Airtel Cup 2012-13 Patch
PAK Vs IND Pc Game


Hello out there Cricket Freaks, we have yet another released a Cricket Patch for EA Sports Cricket 2007 and yes - it's the Latest India vs Pakistan Airtel 2012-13 series. It has all the latest kits, fixtures, players for it's patch!

 This Patch require ZaxWillows™ 256 Batpack, but We have not included the BatPack in the Patch itself due to some licence problems, You'll have to install ZaxWillows™ 256 Batpack first to make the Patch RUN properly. For your ease we've have provided the links below in INSTALLATION instructions.

You should MUST MUST MUST MUST follow these steps, if you want your game to work properly. Else Don't complaint about Errors!

1. Install Fresh EA Sports™ Cricket 2007.
2. Extract the downloaded "GM StudioZ Ind vS Pak Airtel Cup 2012-13 Patch.7z" to any Directory of your choice.
3. Download & Extract "ZaxWillowz™ 256 Batpack".
4. Install the ZaxWillowz™ 256 Batpack First.
5. Run "GM StudioZ Ind vS Pak Airtel Cup 2012-13 Patch.exe" and install the patch in your EA SPORTS™ CRICKET 2007's Root Directory(If you have made your My Documents
Folder private and has Protected your device with password, then please run the .exe with Administrator Rights so it could install the Roster in My Documents
6. In game, Load the "acp12.ros" first, & start playing Realistic Ind vS Pak Airtel Cup 2012-13 Patch!

JUKEBOX INSTALLATION: 1. Put the "XML" file in your Cricket07(The Game Installation Folder) root Directory;
2. Put the "music.big" File in "Audio" Folder(present in Cricket07's root Directory).

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 1. The setup will itself install the Roster, so you dont have to do anything rather than just installing the Batpack and Playing the Game.
2. Please Please Please Please install the Batpack first, then install the Patch!

HOW TO PLAY The India vs Pakistan Airtel Cup 2012-13 PC Game? *After Launching the Game*

1. Load the Roster "acp12.ros" first;
2. Go to Game Modes/Domestic + Airetl & then choose Aritel Cup;
3. Then Click on "Airtel Cup 2012-13";
4. Set Fixtures/Season as "2006/07" and ODI Overs="50";
5. Choose difficulty Level ( * * * Will be GooD).
6. Select User Team & Start playing Ind vS Pak Airtel Cup 2012-13 with Actual Fixtures, Teams etc....!!!

Enjoy the most realistic & excellent Ind vS Pak Airtel Cup 2012-13 Patch & Don't Forget to provide us your Feedback regarding our Patch!

Download Links:


ZAX256 BatPack!

India vs Pakistan Airtel Cup 2012-13 Patch


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